Weekly Wisdom #326 – Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

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Weekly Wisdom #326 – Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

In Dean’s first Weekly Wisdom of March, he shares a very powerful message about your perception of yourself. Yep, you heard that right. How we perceive ourselves, and the stories we tell ourselves are what control our lives on a daily basis.

This week Dean will discuss how we all tend to live our lives believing stories that were downloaded in our brains over our lifetime and how it still shakes our confidence to this day. Maybe as a kid you were told you were stupid because you couldn’t read, or that you were dumb because you couldn’t do math, or that you were ugly because you had braces. All of these stories that at one point shook your confidence are now OUT DATED.

And this week Dean wants to share with you how to crush those old stories, tell yourself a new story, start living with confidence, and start living the life you deserve. Let Dean share with you how to unleash your inner brilliance.

And also, as Dean mentions in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to learn more about his LIVE Gain The Edge event coming up in May, go to http://www.deansevent.com.

Enjoy Dean’s amazing wisdom and have a great week!

- This is a Dean Graziosi message filmed for you without a prompter or notes -

Dean Graziosi is one of the best personal development trainers and real estate investors in the world. He is a New York Times bestselling author whose books include Totally Fulfilled, 30 Days to Real Estate Cash, Be a Real Estate Millionaire and Profit From Real Estate Right Now. For years Dean has been taking what he knows and sharing it with millions of people in the world. Richard Branson once said that “Dean is the type of Entrepreneur that makes the world a better place”

Dean Graziosi was a dead-broke kid who barely finished high school that decided one day that he was going to make a future for himself, and change the world for the better.

Dean’s Weekly Wisdoms are a weekly self-improvement video full of life changing information and motivating messages delivered to you personally by Dean Graziosi. Filmed without any notes or prompter, the videos are intended to directly touch the heart and minds of the viewers.

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